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is something of a rather delicate balancing act. On one hand, it is definitely a legitimate brokerage. In fact, it may just be the largest such brokerage in the world and it doesn’t just trade in .

Wallet . If you’re reading this guide before you’ve bought your first (or fraction of a ), you’ll probably want to start off with . is one of the easiest ways to buy and store your …

436 of – “I held BTC on on August 1, 2017 during the BCH hard fork, but don’t rewarded BCH in my wallet (If for example, you have 1 in your possession when the fork occurs, you’ll still have that 1 , but you’ll also be able to claim 1 “new ”).

Let’s face it, not everybody has read a that fully examines the San Francisco-based company’s business practices. You may have arrived here being uncertain about how reliable and safe the world’s largest exchange could be.

Actually, it is the biggest exchange right now. Read our for more in-depth analysis of how works, how much fees they charge and if you should keep your BTC in their vault.

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